Surfing coaches to upgrade skills

LOCAL surfing coaches will be able to attain a higher level of training in the upcoming Fiji Surfing Association (FSA) Level 2 Surf Riding Coaching Course at the Beach House Coral Coast on April 8 to April 9.

FSA head coach Ian Portingale said the course would enable participants to train and coach intermediate and advanced surfers properly.

“It covers a lot of skill analysis and designing programs to actually improve the surfers to a higher standard of surfing,” Portingale said.

He said at this stage there were only two surfing coaches who had Level 2 coaching qualifications.

Attending the coaching course would increase the number of Level 2 coaches in Fiji.

“Romeo Mckellar and apart from myself are the only Fijian surf coaches, whereas I have Level Three. He has level two and all the others they either have level one or no level at all.

“We are hoping to keep it small, so it’s easier to share information and communicate with everyone.”

He said after the two-day course, participants would be given two to three months in training a surfer and documenting the various programs they gave during those few months.

Participants would receive level two accreditations after those months.

Entry fee for the course will be $190.

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