Supreme court dismisses Devo’s appeal

Update: 6:10PM THE appeal application for the former Commissioner Central Inoke Devo to grant him leave to appeal against his sentence and conviction was today dismissed by the highest court in the country.

Mr Devo had appealed
to the Supreme Court against the Court of Appeal judgment on seven grounds of
appeal and had two main legal arguments which were: 

  • The
    arbitrary act alleged is not closely associated with abuse of office;
  • There
    is no a financial rule or regulations exhibited/proven to establish the
    arbitrary act in abuse of authority.

this Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC)  argued
that the holistic conduct of the petitioner constituted an inseparable link of
his act and motive which established the  abuse of office and, there is no
strict way of proving the act of abuse of office using financial rules and
regulations as the conduct could constitute an arbitrary act in a variety of

Supreme Court judge
Justice Suresh Chandra in his judgment said he saw no error
in the judgment of the Court of Appeal.

Justice Chandra
said the grounds adduced by Devo seeking leaving to appeal have no merit and do
not meet the required threshold for granting leave.

Devo who was
charged with five counts of official corruption and four counts of abuse of
office was convicted on three counts of abuse of office and was sentenced on April
9, 2010 for nine months.

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