Support for Ratu Filimone

THE vanua of Solevu has pledged support for their chief Ratu Filimone Ralogaivau who holds the position of Ai Sualevu.

Despite bickering by some villagers of Nawaido, the head of the sau turaga clan, Sikeli Rabuli said Ratu Filimone was the rightful holder of the chiefly title.

He said the traditional installation was done two years ago and the Native Land Commission’s decision to have Ratu Filimone released from the mataqali Muanaicake of Daria Village in Wainunu had also been followed.

“We have accepted Ratu Filimone as our chief and the vanua of Solevu stand by him and will support him always,” he said.

“I was the one who installed him and it has been two years now since his installation. If he was not the rightful holder, then something should have happened already.

“But Ratu Filimone is still with us and his leadership is an issue we have grown to respect and love because he has brought good changes.”

Speaking on behalf of the bati clan, Karalo Sila said it was better to have chiefs who brought positive changes and growth to their people.

Mr Sila said since Ratu Filimone took up the chiefly position, the village of Nawaido had developed and villagers had become more self-reliant.

“We have two trucks, a kindy and a scholarship scheme for our children and two women from the village are now training to be preschool teachers. All these programs started when Ratu Filimone came in,” he said.

“Villagers have been taught the importance of using time well and employment opportunities have been created through farms. This never used to happen before so having a chief like Ratu Filimone who leads with wisdom is what we need.”

Nawaido Village headman Rafele Logaivau said the village had grown with positive changes.

“There is no split in the village and the villagers have all accepted Ratu Filimone as our chief and we want him as our traditional leader,” he said.

“Everyone is living in peace and so is our chief, Ratu Filimone.”