Support for minister

I am writing to express my full support for the Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts, Dr Reddy, on his decision on the schools zoning policy.

I believe leader of NFP Biman Prasad’s outburst against the best Education Minister so far in the history of Fiji’s education system was wrong. I believe the zoning policy was always there for years and I would like to pose a question to Mr Prasad on what was he doing in the past regarding this issue? I believe the Ministry of Education has brought about the zoning policy after consultations with various stakeholders before its implementation.

The policy helps reduce many problems and I think the Minister for Education is 100 per cent correct.

It encourages children to go to their nearby schools, it reduces overcrowding in town schools hence, it will reduce traffic congestion, the children will have good learning space, access to better learning resources, it will allow a sound student teacher ratio for effective teaching and learning process, the teachers will be evenly distributed with load and more contact hours for teachers with these students which will also give a fair assessment on all the teachers as well because of the class sizes.

Further, it will save a lot of children’s as well as parents’ time as the children will be able to reach their school and home on time.

The children will have more productive hours of learning at home as they will not be tired after long travelling.

Additionally, there won’t be travelling hassles during rainy and inclement weather. Also, the increase in the roll of the rural schools will have a direct boost from the Government’s free education grant money which can be used to improve the existing infrastructure hence, the Government’s dream to achieve a level playing field for all schools as far as teaching and learning takes place and finally the better utilisation of taxpayers’ money.

I believe Mr Prasad, despite being an economist, has failed to understand the rural urban drift and how this zoning policy is holistically addressing such social economic issues.

Amit Kumar

Nadera, Suva

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