Support for grassroots rugby in Fiji

WHEN looking for inspiration, you can often find it in the words of coaches and athletes. In sports, the mental game is half the battle of any victory. You can train all you want, practice all you want, and run through every single play, but you still won’t come out with the win if you and your teammates aren’t mentally prepared.

Business is built on hope and we assume responsibility for several social, economic and environment matters. In our work, not only does Paradise Beverages through its iconic brand Fiji Bitter supports grassroots rugby in Fiji but we also prioritise issues that are close to our operations, have the largest impact and over which we have power to make a change.

Fiji Bitter brand has expanded in a big way, not just for the brand but for 7s rugby as well. The development of grassroots level rugby in Fiji through the Fiji Bitter sponsored tournaments has not only paved a pathway towards the success of our products but also provided the opportunity for rugby players to show case their talents. The Fiji Bitter sponsored tournaments also maintain a close connection in building a successful tournament thus recognising and positively contributing to the community.

Sports sponsorship has been a major buzz in Fiji’s Sports arena and the Fijian communities giving Fiji’s people ideals that are cherished which are essential to our continued growth. It has proven to be positively received and embraced by the Fiji community and demonstrates the real power of effectively connecting with what the community values as important to them.

We are constantly reviewing and striving for better ways to connect with our loyal consumers with the ideal of making any Fiji Bitter sponsored event bigger and better in the future and we constantly endeavour to refine the way Fiji Bitter connects with our consumers.

Sponsorship of sports also helps to portray a positive image to stakeholders of Fiji and the community that we promote a healthy living and subsequently give an opportunity to the people of Fiji to be part of Fiji Bitter’s success.

For 42 years the Fiji Bitter Marist Sevens rugby tournament has given many young talented rugby players opportunities to be selected to represent our country and find stardom in rugby clubs around the world. Many of these players who started off in the sevens code were also selected to represent our country in the 15s code. These young players who were once unknown became household names.

Our sponsorship has not only paved a pathway for rugby players to showcase their talents to the world but it has also helped communities to build village churches, renovate dormitories for boarding schools, and build new classrooms, new sanitation facilities and village halls to name a few.

A big vinaka vakalevu to the Marist Rugby Club, Marist Old Boys, Marist Brothers, Lawrence Tikaram the president of the Marist Rugby Club and the hardworking volunteers for yet another successful year of the organising of the 42nd Fiji Bitter Marist Sevens Tournament.

Sponsoring an event won’t be successful as you want it to be unless you have the support of the organising committee, the volunteers, the players, the supporters and the community and we have everyone to thank for the successful establishment of the Fiji Bitter Marist 7s. Thank you and vinaka vakalevu.

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