Support for change

NATIONAL football coach Christophe Gamel has set a very high standard for district team players and it is their responsibility to meet those standards in order for football in Fiji to move forward.

Rewa team assistant coach Tagi Vonolagi said Gamel had brought about a lot of positive changes to football in Fiji.

“Gone are the days where people just kick the ball from one end of the field to the other,” Vonolagi said.

“Gamel has introduced a new method of play for Fiji and in turn has really improved how the game has been played in every local tournament.”.

Vonolagi, a former national captain, said district team coaches should start emphasising on implementing those game plans to their players.

“It serves to give us a level playing field with national players so that district players get accustomed to the national level game plans.”

He said Fiji had a lot of talented football players, but it was the grooming tactics that was crucial.

“If our local rugby players can secure lucrative overseas contracts with top rugby clubs in the world, our football players too can do that.

“With the introduction of these new positive changes, it is only a matter of time now.”

Vonolagi also commended Fiji Football Association’s (FFA) move to keep Fijian football drug free.

“This is a very good initiative and players have to adapt and adhere to it if they want to not only keep playing football, but to make a name for themselves in the game.”

He is in Labasa for this weekend’s 2017 Inkk Battle of the Giants tournament.

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