Support Fiji Society for the Blind

A gift of $2501 was given to the Fiji Society for the Blind organisation executives to assist 27 children at the society.

The gift was given by the Burger King Fiji management during the opening of the new Burger King Suva restaurant on Friday last week.

Fiji Society for the Blind executive director Barbara Farouk said the society was happy to be part of the official opening and to have received a gift too.

“The company has always assisted us when we make an urgent request and we are so grateful for their help towards the society,” she said.

“Our annual expenditure for running all our programs annually is about $300,000 and the school gets grants, but it’s not enough to cater for all the programs we have.

“One of the most important programs we have is the rehabilitation program for the blind and we have field workers who go out to the field and identify blind and visually impaired students and adults.

“The children who are either blind or visually impaired are then referred to our department and if they are recommended as legally blind then they enrol into the school.

“For elderly people we provide them with programs like rehabilitation, income generating projects, screening and other projects.”

She said all the program expenses were covered by grants and gifts offered to the organisation to help in the smooth running of the society’s operations.

“It’s good to see that big companies are including organisations like ours in their corporate responsibility initiatives because organisations do need all the assistance they can get,” she said.

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