Super Rugby: New Zealand teams could give Aussies taste of bad medicine

Force winger Toni Pulu was red-carded in his side’s Super Rugby AU qualifying final defeat to the Brumbies. MARK METCALFE/GETTY IMAGES

Here’s hoping this competition isn’t a dud.

The pressure is on the Aussie teams to perform in Super Rugby Trans-Tasman, because nothing makes New Zealand fans pinch their noses and run for the door faster than the prospect of another lop-sided result.

Watching Super Rugby Aotearoa each weekend was like being served up crayfish, salmon and juicy beef steaks, washed down by the finest French grog and fresh orange juice.

Anything less, now, will seem like sardines on toast. Coaches may have had their heads in their hands when the walking wounded hobbled out of the doctor’s office each Monday morning, but SRA was an entertaining blockbuster.

While it would be unfair to expect the Trans-Tasman tournament to produce the same drama and excitement as SRA, it would be nice to tune in each weekend with a sense of anticipation.

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