Summer workshop

The summer is here and so are the school holidays. Students and youths will be planning how to utilise their holiday and also planning their “what to do list” or “where to go list”.

There are some vocational schools and religious organisations that run some short courses or summer workshop programs.

Try to engage yourself in some kind of program that will bring the best out of you and also help you grow.

Any constructive program or workshop that students or youths will take can motivate, or set up a career path that will bring their skills out to engage with other similar minded youths and students around. Also, certificates will be awarded after completion of the workshop program, and that is a bonus for their credentials later on.

Some of our youths are losing their moral values and discipline towards lifelong learning and cannot decide their potential talent or hobbies when finishing school or institutions.

They face difficulties finding proper jobs or sustain careers without proper training. Some lack competency in their field of choice, so explore and join volunteer programs to be part of any workshop or join short courses to broaden your knowledge and skills.

It’s never too late.

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