Sukha Singh Man behind the letters

THE Fiji Times Letters to the Editor has always been an interesting column for our daily readers because it is where people express their opinions and views on what they encounter daily whether it be their experience with the Government, work place or even issues they face while travelling on public transport.

Most readers always would love to know the faces of our daily contributors to these columns as their letters are not only interesting but entertaining and educational as well. This week, we feature one of our ardent letter writers, Sukha Singh, in our Spotlight column, someone who has been writing for more than 10 years in the Letters to the Editor column.

Below is one of the letters written by Sukha a few weeks ago, just to show a glimpse of how these letters can be so interesting to read.

Movies on buses

Is there any restriction on what movies can be shown on express buses? The other day we came back on a bus and a movie about Dracula was shown. Long story short — violence and sex scenes! Majority of passengers were children and many kept their eyes closed or parents told them not to watch.

Name: Sukha Singh

Age: 60

Lives in: Labasa but born in the hidden paradise of Savusavu.

Describe yourself: I love being the person that I am and I am also a proud former soccer and snooker player, and a former amateur and professional boxer.

Q What inspires you to be the person that you are:

A Being myself and I do not follow anybody’s lifestyle.

Q What would you describe as your passion in life and how are you going about realising it:

A Drinking, fishing and hunting and I am enjoying every moment of it.

Q What would you consider to be the most memorable in your life:

A My week-long remand at the Madras Central Prison in India where I was involved in a fight when I visited India back in the days.

I am obsessed … with fishing, drinking

I can’t live without … food

I am proud of … my criminal record

Wish I could change … that mind-set I had when I was young … where I had always thought that life was easy because my parents provided everything for me.

Really need … a lot of money because I have poor friends who need money and I feel bad when I don’t help them.

Can’t handle … favouritism

I look back and … I have no regrets in life

I relax by … taking a good sleep

I am excited about … contributing to The Fiji Times Letter to the Editor column and I always look forward to them being published

I have always wanted … justice and fairness

Biggest weakness … I get drunk very fast

List of favourite things … my dressing which I am always proud of … my Lee jeans and a casual t-shirt

Opinion on the state of the world … I really do not care about what is happening in this world because my world is Labasa

Mother always told me … to follow whatever she said because I would definitely get a good hiding if I did not

My attitude to exercise … I love to exercise

My relationship with my body … Just perfect

Favourite food: Goat curry, lovo pork

Favourite drink: Gordons

Favourite movies: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Mentor since childhood: When I am so smart, I do not need a mentor

Favourite quote: You are not as dumb as you look

Person you would love to meet: Lenora Qereqeretabua

Advice to young children: Do not drink alcohol unless and until you have started earning money. To all the ardent and aspiring rugby players, keep training and one day you will be a successful rugby player.

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