Suicide stats

As reported (FT 12/07) the main reasoning behind suicide cases are mostly because of failures!

Family obligations that could not be met, the rejection from families over the choice of partners, and poor exam results are three of the main reasons youths aged between 17 and 25 years have taken their lives.

The greatest failure as far as I can see comes from the guardians and parents of these unfortunate youngsters. I believe their failure to support and understand their children is the cause for them cutting short their lives.

For many, success takes time so to demand it no matter what, is simply inviting everyone to be hurt.

We must all come to understand that failure is a natural consequence of trying. We need to learn to accept these failures and continue with life. Give failure more opportunities and let not one failure ruin everything.

As parents and guardians, we must be willing to consider failure as a blessing in disguise that our youth will learn from it and become better individuals.

Life is a splendid adventure in which our youths will set out into the unknown, they will face many dangers, they will meet many joys, they will find may friends and they will win and lose many battles.

We fail only when we can’t accept failure!

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