Suicide stats

THE Western and Southern divisions have the highest percentage of completed and attempted suicide cases.

This is according to statistics released by the Fiji Police Force for the year 2011 until the first four months of this year.

Director operations Senior Superintendent of Police Maretino Qiolevu said the Western Division had 48 per cent and Southern Division recorded 25 per cent.

SSP Qiolevu said this was because in these two divisions there were a lot of farming communities and they also had high accessibility to illicit drugs and chemicals.

“So for the past six years there has been notable increase in suicide cases and attempted suicide cases in all divisions, but these two, they were the highest,” he said.

“For attempted (suicide) only Western recorded the highest, 49 per cent, Northern, 25 per cent, Southern was 15 per cent and Eastern, 11 per cent.”

He said it was interesting to note the main reasons behind those who had suicidal thoughts were social factors affecting families and family disputes.

“On the age groups, the highest was among youths aged 17 to 25 years, and also 26 years and over. Males were twice more likely to commit suicide than females, that is from the analysis that we have made,” he said.

SSP Qiolevu said for many iTaukei males, the reason mainly was around family obligations that could not be met and there was no proper counselling provided to those needing help.

“The rejection from families over the choice of partners, rejection from spouses and partners and being a superior sex they prefer not to accept failure.

“Poor exam results was also a contributing factor,” he said.

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