Sugarcane farmers receive insurance payouts

Cane farmer from Waqadra, Nadi, Kalesi Ledua in a fellow CCSLA member’s farm. Picture: UNCDF

MEMBERS of the Canefarmers Co-operative Savings & Loans Association (CCSLA) who had signed up for a parametric microinsurance policy covering rainfall damage, have now been able to use their payouts to kickstart the replanting and revival of their farms. Cane farmer from Waqadra, Nadi, Kalesi Ledua said she’s been a member of the association for about 18 years and signed up for the insurance policy immediately when it was introduced to the CCSLA in 2021.

“My farm is in a flood prone area. It’s close to the river and as soon as we have rain, we see the amount of rainfall and in a couple of days we know that before Nadi town gets flooded, our farm gets flooded first,” she said.

“The water from the river and the water from the creek meet and damage all the crops. It’s not only my farm but there’s so many farmers in our community.”

Another Nadi cane farmer Manoa Kuruloa says when the river bursts and floods his 7-acre farm, he has no choice but to resort to purchasing cash crops with a faster growth from the market to replant in order to keep food on the table for his family.

Mr Kuruloa suggested higher cover options should be made available as he’d be eager to purchase a cover that matches the rising cost of living.

Both farmers highly recommend the policies as they agree having the additional funds has helped them purchase seedlings for replanting and contributed towards living expenses as they await better soil conditions for the replanting of sugarcane.

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