Sudhakar questions teachers’ social media posts

PICTURES of some teachers in swimwear on social media were questioned by the chairperson of the parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice, Law and Human Rights yesterday.

Ashneel Sudhakar raised the question after a submission to the committee by the permanent secretary for the Ministry of Education, Alison Burchell, on the Online Safety Bill.

While raising his question with Ms Burchell, Mr Sudhakar said the teaching profession was a respectable profession so students needed to respect teachers.

He claimed he had seen some social media profiles of some teachers and some students who were friends, adding that some of these teachers were uploading pictures from drinking parties or either in swimwear.

“Does the ministry have guidelines on what teachers can or can’t post on social media?” Mr Sudhakar questioned.

Ms Burchell said this was something they needed to tighten up on.

“But again it’s balancing the issue of private life and being cautious in terms of the role modelling the teachers do is very important,” Ms Burchell said.

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