Sudhakar on ACP committee

Update: 6:40PM GOVERNMENT whip Ashneel Sudhakar has been appointed to a working group of the African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) parliamentary assembly.

According to a government statement, the committee is the working group on the Post-Cotonou Agreement on Future ACP-EU Relations. 

“Speaking at the inaugural meeting of the Working Group held in Brussels, Mr Sudhakar supported the views expressed by his ACP Parliamentary colleagues from Africa and the Caribbean for the ACP Group to remain united and approach the upcoming negotiations on the future ACP-EU Relations as a single entity,” the statement said.  

“He proposed that in addition to the specific tasks outlined in the Terms of Reference the Working Group should also examine the document on the ´┐ŻEuropean Commission Recommendations on Partnership Agreement between the European Union and countries of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States´┐Ż and provide its perspectives on the EU guidelines.”

“The current Joint Parliamentary Assembly session ends on March 22, 2018.”

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