Success versus failure

Rewa Secondary School Principal Sunita Deo (right) with Kavanagasau College Principal Irene Sen and Kalabu Secondary School Principal Kiran Narayan check out some of the books displayed by Premier Book Centre Director Arun Singh during the Fiji Principals Association Conference in Lautoka. Picture: REINAL CHAND/FILE

SUCCESS or failure is part and parcel of being in the teaching profession.

This was the message from divisional education officer west Ratu Josefa Gavidi while closing the 122nd Fiji Principals Association conference in Lautoka last week.

Speaking to principals from across the country, Mr Gavidi said the biggest question asked by principals was whether they would succeed or fail in their goals each year.

“That is probably the only question that you ask yourself every day, every year, whether you are going to be successful,” he said.

“Success versus failure is the topic from January to December. A lot of people, a lot of leaders, dream of success and they fear failure. They are afraid of failing. You need to taste failure in order to be successful.”

Mr Gavidi said his message to principals at the meeting was not to fear failure.

“We need to have the strength to recover. There is a Japanese proverb that says, “if you fall down seven times, get up eight times”.”

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