Subdivision to address housing issues

TO address housing issues in the country, the Ministry of Local Government and Housing has developed and subdivided the Navakai informal settlement in Nadi, which now has 67 residential lots and one commercial lot and one open space.

Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Lands and Mineral Resources Faiyaz Koya said within the developed area, only four families were resettled while the rest were squatters.

“The ministry is in the process of issuing approval notices of lease to 54 families, of which 50 are sitting tenants and four as a result of expired leases in Nadi that weren’t renewed,” Mr Koya told Parliament last week.

“Furthermore, the subdivision has a balance of vacant lots that will be advertised for leasing.”

Mr Koya said the first phase is the issuance of approval of notice of lease to regularise their occupation and for the security of tenure on the land.

“Our second phase of development which will ensure the full development of this settlement in terms of providing the provisions of proper drainage, roads, power supply, sewerage and water supply, would be sourced from the next financial year budget.”

He said other developments would be done as soon as the budgetary allocation was made.

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