Styrofoam ban to begin in January 2021

Styrofoam cuys. Picture: RNZ

The ban on the use of styrofoam and its related products is earmarked to begin on January 1 next year.

In an interview where he was asked whether enough awareness had been created on the ban, Ministry of Environment permanent secretary Joshua Wycliffe said they had conducted enough consultation on the issue.

“The next two months will be the best time to hold awareness because it is closer to the ban period,” he said.

Explaining the role of a think tank set up to look into the machinery of the legislation, Mr Wycliffe said the purpose was to contribute to draft Bills to be introduced to Cabinet and passed through Parliament for discussion.

“The amendment of the legislation is to prohibit the manufacture, selling or distribution of polystyrene products,” he said.

“However, when it comes to compliance of this legislation, there would be challenges so we are better prepared ourselves to provide a solid, strong compliance regime, therefore, what we would like to do is get input from academia, government agencies and the media including stakeholders’ community groups.”

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