Stylish and comfortable shoes

Deluxe Footwear Fashions is no doubt the most recognised name in the country when it comes to footwear. It’s a name that can be relied upon for its range, good quality, durable, comfortable and stylish footwear.

Deluxe Footwear Fashions started its humble beginning as a small retail outlet in the late 1940s to its present dominance in the footwear industry, led by the hard work and tireless perseverance of three generation of individuals.

Having established its retail stores in Suva and Nadi and with their customers’ confidence and loyalty, Deluxe took a step further and opened its store in Rups Bazaar, Nakasi especially for their valued and loyal customers based in the Nakasi — Nausori corridor.

Since opening its Nakasi store in December 2013 at Rups Bazaar, it has earned valued appreciation and satisfaction from customers who genuinely welcomed Deluxe Footwear Fashions as a part of the area.

And with the objective of maintaining its values, Deluxe Footwear Fashions holds the widest range in footwear in Fiji.

If you are looking for fashion or school sandals for your children, Deluxe has this range in their brands such as Free-Step and Dreamseek. Or if you’re looking for ladies shoes, then Deluxe has brands such as Pierre Dumas, Comfort, Free-step, Soft Comfort and Hi-Tec that very well suit ladies fashion, work, casual and sporting footwear, just to name a few.

Also if you are looking for men’s shoes, then Deluxe has Fijian made Tuff sandals and safety boots, Hush Puppies, Nic Fermiano, Sir Riko, Dreamseek and Hi-Tec brands which can be depended on for all your footwear needs. In short, Deluxe is your one-stop family footwear store. Every Deluxe store, be those in Suva, Nadi or Nakasi, is operated on the same values of retaining customer loyalty and trust in the company and their brands, and to provide excellence in service and product affordability.

For your shopping convenience, our stores are located in Suva at Ellery St (beside Downtown Boulevard), at Renwick Rd, and at Deluxe House in Mark Street.

In Nakasi, we are located at the Rups Bazaar building and in Nadi we are in Main St at the Dee Mall Building.

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