Study boost

Luke Serubasaga, 31, of Nabouva, Wainibuka in Tailevu is reaping what he had sown for the past six years, after he was awarded a one and a half-year scholarship to undertake research studies in mathematics education.

Out of the hundred applicants from all over the world who applied for the Japanese scholarship last year, he was the only one whose application was approved and chosen by the embassy to pursue his studies.

Mr Serubasaga is a mathematics and science teacher.

He said words could not describe how he felt after he was given the scholarship.

“This is a once in a life time opportunity and something I can only imagine and dream of,” Mr Serubasaga said.

“It’s beyond my wildest dreams and imaginations.

“It’s an honour and privilege to be awarded with such a scholarship and I can’t wait to go.”

He said nothing was impossible if people believed and had faith in themselves.

Japanese ambassador Takuji Hanatani said 141 Fijian students were pursuing different programs in various universities in Japan now.

He said 11 of those were studying in the teaching training program.

“Japan will continue to provide this scholarship program and support Fiji’s education sector development,” Mr Hanatani said.

He said teaching the younger generation was one of the most important and valuable professions because a well educated citizen was a key and contributing factor to nation building.

“When you go to Japan, you will become an ambassador for Fiji and teach the Japanese people about Fijian culture and tradition,” he said.

He said Mr Serubasaga’s stay in Japan would not only enrich him intellectually and professionally but also contributed towards building a cultural bridge between Fiji and Japan.

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