Students to join NZ school

TWO students from Marist Brothers Primary School have been offered scholarships to study and play rugby in TePuke Intermediate School in New Zealand.

Joseph Vueti and Josese Vukataki were over the moon with their selection to travel abroad to play the sport they love and are the first from their age group to be part of the three-year initiative.

“We want to thank our coach Viliame Momo for selecting us to come for the trial and now we have been provided with this opportunity,” said Vukataki.

TIS rugby coach Steve Milne who also works with the New Zealand women’s sevens team along with members of the school management had yesterday selected the duo to undertake a six-month scholarship spanning two and a half terms.

Milne said the initiative was part of their development plans and that he had been advised by 7s kingpin Tomasi Cama on providing an opportunity for Fijian players for an opportunity to study and play abroad.

“We just think with the development program, they will make a big impact also at intermediate level going forward, so we just think that its not a bad age, Year 8, they are mature, so we will give them an opportunity to be seen in New Zealand and also we want them to come back and play for Fiji. If they really do well in New Zealand, then they go on to college but that will be really up to how well they do,” he said.

He added that their motive was primarily to provide players with a learning environment as well as learn the rudiments of the sport that could help them when they return.

“We will always say Fiji first New Zealand second. We think this age is a good age to start looking at developing them. if they really do well in New Zealand, then they go on to College but that will be really up to how well they do.

“It’s not take Fiji players away from Fiji, it’s just to give them an opportunity, they come back and play for Fiji,” he said.

Semi Radoni, also a student of MBPS, had been selected as a reserve candidate should there be problems in taking Vueti and Vukataki across.

The two are expected to live with a host family for the tenure of their stay in New Zealand.

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