Students showcase designs

Sigatoka Methodist College student designers Mohammed Istiak Ali, 17, third from left, and Jone Foraete, 17, second from right, with models during the Fiji Fashion Week Student Designer Show at the FMF Gymnasium in Suva on Saturday, May 26, 2018. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

TWO student designers showcased their unique collection at the Fiji Fashion Week (FFW) Student Designer Show at the FMF Gymnasium in Suva yesterday. Year 13 students of Sigatoka Methodist College, Jone Foraete and Mohammed Ali based their collections on the sceneries of Sigatoka.

While Jone is not a new face to the fashion show, this was the first fashion show for Mohammed.

The two students designed four garments each. Jone said his collection was inspired by a teacher from the school who had given a speech one day where she compared the school with different flowers.

“She had compared our school to a garden and that we were all different flowers and so I was inspired by that and I looked up the different purple flowers and I took certain parts of it for instance like how the flowers drape,” the lad said.

“The bell-bottoms are inspired by the Canterbury belts and the frills are inspired by the winter flowering iris.”

Mohammed said his designs were inspired by the Sigatoka sand dunes.

“My designs were inspired by the Sigatoka sand dunes because from afar, it shows many sharp objects which reflect the sunshine and that is why I have used mirror works and a little bit of embroidery just because it indicates the roughness and the sweetness of the sand. “I used the colours blue and white, as white reflects the sand and blue reflects the ocean. “I have also made wave-like patterns to indicate the nice smooth waves of the Sigatoka sand dunes.”

He said being his first year to take part in a recognised fashion show throughout the region, it was a great experience for him and he was now looking forward to take part in more future FJFW shows.

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