Students role in the community

EDUCATION Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy says students must take more pride in their surroundings and do everything they can to keep Fiji clean.

He said the ministry was not only concerned about a students intellect and knowledge of different subjects but also about their role in the community.

“Throwing rubbish in someone else’s property or in a public area is totally unacceptable behaviour and we are urging all our children to be responsible citizens, take pride of your society, your community your country,” Dr Reddy said.

“A country full of rubbish is not a place where you would want to stay or live.”

He said students may not have to live with the consequences if they littered in public but this should not deter them from being good citizens.

“You may not be staying by yourself but you are forcing someone else to stay in a place that is littered by someone else.

“This is not acceptable. We are educating our children and we want our children to behave in a manner which contributes to a clean responsible society.”

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