Students join cause

ONE hundred and twenty University of the South Pacific students will participate in a coral planting program on the Coral Coast.

The marine science students have signed up to Outrigger Resorts global conservation initiative called OZONE.

The students were drawn to Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort and Spa’s coral planting program.

The program has seen coral propagation racks and fish houses built as part of a teenager guest activity program organised by the resort’s hosts.

The success of the coral planting attracted the attention of USP which this year will send 120 students studying marine science to observe the work being carried out at Outrigger Fiji.

The resort’s marine conservation activities including a giant clam farm is also thriving.

The clam farm is a favorite snorkeling destination for guests and it is helping to restore the health of coral while boosting fish numbers.

The United Nations has designated 2018 as the third International Year of the Reef.

Erik Solheim, head of UN Environment said 2018 was a “make or break year for the world’s coral reefs.”

“We have a short window when we can act, and the United Nations, WWF, and countries like Fiji are calling on the world to take the steps that will fix the problem this year,” he said.

Under its OZONE initiative, Outrigger Resorts participates in year-round global and local efforts with dozens of opportunities for marine education and conservation activities.

“Outrigger hosts put the company’s conservation mission into action by participating in green initiatives across local communities such as marine environment educational sessions, field trips to beaches, coastal wetlands and mangroves and beach clean ups.

Located on iconic beaches in Hawaii, Thailand, Guam, Fiji, Mauritius, and Maldives, Outrigger Resorts is dedicated to marine preservation and works year-round on a range of initiatives to generate awareness for the cause, as well as create opportunities for guests to help with the crucial marine ecosystems conservation.

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