Students in action

Acting Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu addressing the Namosi Secondary School cadet passing-out parade. Picture: ATU RASEA

IT was an unforgettable day for Donato Cabenalevu when he saw his niece, Buna Setefano marched along the school ground to receive her award during the passing-out parade at Namosi Secondary School last Friday.

Ms Setefano, who is also the head girl of the school, received her ‘Book Prize Award from Acting Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu, who was the chief guest for this special occasion.

“I only wished her mother was here to witness Buna’s achievement,” Mr Cabenalevu said.
“Buna’s mother passed away in 2011 when she was in Class 6 and her last words to me were to continue to look after Buna and her three siblings” he added.

Mr Cabenalevu said Buna wanted to be a pilot after her final year at Namosi Secondary School.

A total of 300 students took part in the inaugural passing-out parade and it was a very touching moment to most of the parents and guardians as most of them were former students and had never experienced anything such as this during their school days.

ACP Tudravu encouraged the students of Namosi to be disciplined and to listen to their leaders and respect the vanua.

“I’m challenging the parents and guardians of Nabukebuke to look after your children’s education and as an educated person you can do better in any field,”said ACP Tudravu.