Students happy with gift

Students of Burebasaga primary school with the smile and their laptops after the opening of their new computer lab yesterday.More picture's and story on page 35. Picture:ATU RASEA

STUDENTS of Burebasaga District School in Rewa could not contain their happiness when the school was given 30 new laptop computers by Camden Haven High School from Australia.

The smiles on the children’s faces when they used the computers yesterday showed they had the willingness to learn about technology and to be computer literate at a young age.

It was through these students’ kindness and warm hospitality to tourists who visited their school in October last year that had earned them the new laptops.

“When these kindhearted people experienced what the children and the teachers did for them during their short visit they said they weren’t going to forget the hospitality they received that day,” school headteacher Luisa Vueti said.

“They returned to their respective countries and started working on ways to assist our small school. First help we received from our friends was an upgrade to our school library and this is the second form of assistance we have received.”

In handing over the 30 laptops principal education officer for primary schools Marika Baleca said it was important to get young students to learn or get exposed to new and innovative computer skills.

Mr Baleca said the new laptops would help the 133 students and the eight teachers at the school develop their information technology skills.

School head girl Vasemaca Kanasalusalu said now students would be able to do more research and learn how to use computers during school hours.

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