Students encouraged to be bilingual

Mrs Basaga and Mrs Tavele. Picture: SUPPLIED

FIJIAN students have been encouraged to be bilingual because it helps the government and it is also helpful when seeking employment.

Arieta Tavele, of Dreketi, Wailevu in Savusavu who spent five years in China and graduated in the field of International Economics and Trade stressed this in a statement issued today students especially those nearing tertiary level education should apply for scholarships because they might be given the opportunity to study in a big country like China.

The 27-year-old is trilingual and speaks Chinese as her second official language apart from English and iTaukei.

Having a proper knowledge and understanding of the Chinese language is one of the main pre-requisites of studying in China and for Tavele it’s one of the added skills she has mastered over the last five years as a student there.

Ms Tavele is the official interpreter for the visiting Chinese expert in palm weaving, Ms Liu Junying who is training women of Noco in Rewa how to weave palm for income generation purposes.

“I am happy that I am able to be here for this occasion on the opening of palm weaving workshop,” she said.

“The Chinese language is one of the many languages that is quiet difficult to learn.”

“But that is the beauty of being a Fijian like the Chinese people would say, Fijian people are very smart.”

“I know nothing is impossible and also know that I had to learn the language well before I could study well in China because after learning to speak the Chinese language well we need to also speak English language for our studies which is why bilingual is an advantage.”

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