Students cross flooded river

Students of Mataso Primary School wait for flood waters to recede on Monday afternoon. Picture: SUPPLIED

Students of Mataso Primary School in Ra had to cross a flooded river while returning home on Monday afternoon.

The heavy downpour on Monday led to the overflowing of flooded waters from the Wainisici River.

Students were seen stranded on one side of the river and were unable to cross.

“I decided to board the carrier that transports our students to ensure their safety,” headteacher Jioji Raqio said via social media post.

The students were from Nakorovou Village.

“There is still no bridge for them to cross.

A man transports a student on horseback as they cross the flooded Wainisici river on Monday afternoon. Picture: SUPPLIED

“We had to wait patiently for a little while on the banks of the Wainisici River for the water level to go down before our students could cross safely with the help of our parents.

“Grateful to our parents for understanding the need to be cautious and for our students for being obedient to my decision to delay their time to reach their homes.

“It is situations like these that make teaching in rural schools challenging but it is the very reason why we love it.”

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