Students can access lessons from LearningHUB

The Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts in partnership with Telecom Fiji Limited launched the LearningHUB yesterday. Picture: SUPPLIED

A new online learning hub that provides easier access to lessons for students, parents, teachers and the general public was launched yesterday.

The Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts in partnership with Telecom Fiji Limited launched the LearningHUB which provides access to supplementary learning resources prepared by the ministry and its partners.

According to a Government statement those accessing it from the Telecom network will not incur any internet charges and normal internet charges will be incurred for those accessing it from other networks.

The portal can be accessed through a link available on the ministry’s homepage, or directly accessed through

Worksheets, audio and video lessons, Bula Kids episodes and psychosocial support resources are available on the LearningHUB.

This can be viewed multiple times, but cannot be downloaded due to copyright restrictions.

New content will continue to be uploaded by the ministry regularly.

Permanent Secretary for Education, Dr Anjeela Jokhan thanked TFL for coming on board and providing their timely support and assistance.

“We cannot predict how the situation evolves over the coming days,” Dr Jokhan said.

“Initiatives such as these are meant to ensure that all possible efforts are made to provide educational resources available to our students. We believe that no student should be disadvantaged.”

Telecom Fiji Limited CEO, Charles Goundar, said that Telecom shares the Ministry of Education’s mandate of keeping our children safe and out of harm’s way from the deadly COVID-19 virus during this time, and are committed to assisting however they can.

“We also believe that the education of our children must not fall on the wayside, which is why we were more than happy to work closely with the Ministry of Education in developing a portal through our cloud platform.”

“The platform basically provides a one-stop-shop for the supplementary educational materials that have been prepared by the Ministry, including an archive of past lessons that have already been broadcasted and can be accessed at any time. Through this portal, students will be able to access the educational content at any time, learn at their own pace, at any time of the day or night, based on their individual preferences.”

“Additionally, students and parents who use Telecom-based internet will be able to access the LearningHUB without being charged for data.”




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