Students brave river currents

THE children of Nasava Village in Naitasiri endured crossing the cold Wainimala River to get to Nasauvere Primary School yesterday. The 30-metre crossing during heavy rain forces parents and guardians to guide their children across.

A team from this newspaper was in the district of Noemalu, in the upper reaches of the Wainimala River, and witnessed first-hand parents and guardians taking students across the river after a heavy downpour the previous evening.

The students, in uniform, held hands to avoid being swept away by the strong current.

“Sometimes we do this in the morning and in the afternoon because we do not want our students to miss school. This is what we go through and every day our children have to cross the river. Sometimes some are sick because of walking in the cold water,” said village headman Meliobe Namasara.

He said they were hoping for assistance to build a foot-crossing or a bridge.

Mr Namasara thanked Government for building a school at Nasauvere, which he said was a relief because they did not have to send their children to Nakurukuruvakatini Primary School.

In October 2015, this newspaper highlighted how 10 children drowned within five years while crossing the river.

In December the same year, Government constructed the Nasauvere Infant School to cater for students from Tubarua, Nasava and Nasauvere. This year the school has been upgraded to Nasauvere Primary School.

The Fiji Roads Authority said it was committed to having the road reach Tubarua Village.

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