Students’ behaviour

The PM is reported to be concerned about some students’ recent behaviour.

I believe some students misbehaved. The school principal reacted. I believe the principal is facing criminal charges.

I submit that there seems to be a wind of subtle and not so subtle rebellion blowing across the beaches of Fiji.

Why do I say this?

Well, let’s take a brief look.

I believe there appears to be a total disregard for the environment.

Fiji is becoming the litter hub of the Pacific.

I believe respect for the law is dwindling.

Some students reportedly vandalised a bus. Some places of worship were vandalised.

There seems to be an increase in sexual offences.

There is an outbreak of the Meningococcal disease.

People are advised to report to the nearest health centres. But there are no vaccines!


I believe there is a lack of respect for authority.

Teachers are sworn at by students.

Policemen are assaulted in police stations!

There are also reports of detainees being allegedly assaulted by policemen.

I believe there is a supposed lack of decorum and deference in Parliament.

Some MPs were suspended. An MP supposedly swore at another.

So Mr PM is concerned about the behaviour of students?

I ask — maybe the students have similar concerns about our PM?

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