Students attend Model United Nations (UN) conference

Update: 5:05PM MORE than 100 students from eight schools are currently taking advantage of the 10th Model United Nations (UN) conference being hosted by the International School Suva (ISS).

Yat Sen Secondary School teacher Melania
Mataitini said  the school was fortunate to be part of the event.

schools have been invited. The event involves  organizing students into
various committees and which are part of the UN.

“Most of them, what they
actually do is they look into  particular issues that are related to a
particular community and they carry out a debate, discuss, raise ways to minimize
or amend some of the recommendations they can use  as resolutions,” Ms
Mataitini said.

from Yat Sen have been participating in this activity and they are really
enjoying their experiences. The knowledge they gain and how to carry out in
raising their voices and how it can be heard.”

schools such as Adi Cakobau School, International School Nadi, Marist Brothers
High School, Saint Joseph’s Secondary School, Suva Grammar School, and Yat Sen
Secondary School participated in the first day of the conference.

event continues tomorrow.

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