Student walks away with $10k

WHEN 10-year-old Mereoni Cagivinaka placed two entries for the “It Takes 2” Promotion with Crest Chicken and Tuckers Ice Cream, she never imagined she would walk away $10,000 richer.

Yesterday, the Year Six student of Arya Samaj Primary School was declared the third place getter in the competition, much to her delight.

“I live with my sister, three brothers, parents and grandmother,” she said.

“We always go for vacations together and my sister’s birthday is this week so I will be spending some of this money for that.”

She said she would also help her parents with the renovations for their house, but she would also save some money for the future.

“I feel happy,” Mereoni said.

“My father told my mother and she told me about it (winning).”

About 160,000 entries were received for the promotion.

According to Goodman Fielder food service co-ordinator Shirley Chandra, the promotion gave out prizes worth $389,000.

“This was our second Crest Chicken and Tuckers Ice Cream promotion and there were fabulous prizes,” she said.

“This promotion is not going to stop here. We are going to do much better and improve.

“We are going to have more fabulous prizes coming our way so definitely looking forward to these promotions.

“Keep entering and putting your barcodes and receipts whenever we have such promotions.”

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