Student pleads guilty to posting online threats

SAMOA – A Samoan student has pleaded guilty to four charges of posting threats on Facebook and has been sent back to prison to await a July hearing on additional charges.

Setefano Taofia Toala has pleaded not guilty to five other charges relating to school fights between Avele College and a rival school, which led to Avele temporary closing.

Talamua Online reports the National Prosecution Office (NPO) asked the court to deny bail for Mr Toala because of the seriousness of the offences.

NPO representative Iliganoa Atoa said Mr Toala was the alleged mastermind of troubles with the other school, he posed a high risk to society and should remain in custody.

Four other Avele students, who were placed under police custody last week, have been released on bail and under curfew conditions to await their hearings in July .

The four are Jason Vitale, Sharmma Peato, Peter Taua’ana and Metai Fono. They were among 26 Avele students arrested during fights with students from a rival school three weeks ago.

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