Student body works with uni after asbestos find

Picture: FILE

THE Fiji National University Students Association is working closely with the institution’s Department of Estate and Facilities to ensure the safety of students at the Natabua campus in Lautoka after the discovery of asbestos in one of the buildings.

Association president Ketan Kirit Lal said they had been notified by the school about the issue.

“The department will close off the block and follow the respective instructions given by the Ministry of Education or consultants involved in ensuring students’ safety and this is removed in a timely manner,” he said.

“With my understanding, if there are distractions or disturbances to classes due to facilities or any other issues then the college can reschedule them or shift the location of the classes.

“The classes are being relocated to Naceva campus and other available classrooms.”

He said the tertiary institution was working on the removal of the harmful material. “The asbestos was contained as soon as it was discovered and samples sent to the ministry for testing.

“We are working with the university to ensure students do not enter these premises. Our buildings are old and that is why our university is renovating it so that we can have better and safe environment for everyone.”

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