Student behaviour

It is indeed very disappointing to note that some students after completing their external exam papers are released from their schools.

They end up loitering and become a nuisance given their rude behaviour.

I believe some principals are simply not up to par as to what needs to be done.

I believe every school day is a normal day irrespective of the external exams, as such, students must be kept in schools and revision must be conducted on the next external exam paper by the respective subject teachers.

Students appearing for the external exams must report and depart as for any other normal school day.

However, I believe this is not the case as some schools do not have revision programs in place and some students report to schools just before the commencement of the paper and are immediately released once the paper is completed.

I believe this is also the case when parents are called to the schools and informed of their children’s academic performance. Once this is over the parents leave and after some time the students too are asked to leave. They end up loitering.

They should be kept in the schools and supervised.

Are the principals authorised to release their students? Has the Ministry of Education informed the principals to release their students?

I believe the Ministry of Education disburses fee free education grants on the understanding that students will attend school normally every day of the school year.

I believe the Ministry of Education must without any delay inform principals not to release any student after the completion of the external exam paper and have revision programs in place to be conducted by the subject teachers.

Parents must also see that their children depart home to reach school on time.

I believe fee free grant is a taxpayer’s contribution to schools and this must not be wasted on students released and found loitering.

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