Strong emphasis on environment conservation

Miss Roofing and Profiles Fiji Ltd Miliakere Naliva (left) and Miss S.G Sen Transport Neha Natasha contest for the Queen’s title at this year’s Ba Riverside Carnival. Picture: REINAL CHAND

THERE will be a strong emphasis on environment protection and conservation during this year’s Vodafone Ba Riverside Carnival.

The theme for the carnival this year is Our Rubbish, Our Responsibility.

For Neha Natasha, 19, and the pageant’s youngest contestant Miliakere Naliva, 18, their themes will centre on environment protection.

Ms Natasha is being sponsored by S.G Sen Transport and is focussing on littering.

“This has become a widespread issue and the amount of litter that we see in Ba sometimes is staggering so that is why I have chosen to advocate on this theme,” she said.

An environmental health student at the Fiji National University, Ms Natasha said more rubbish bins needed to be made available in public places and anti-littering signs put up.

“My only expectation from this week is that I get to pass along my message to the people and bring a change.”

Ms Naliva, sponsored by Roofing and Profiles Fiji Ltd, said she would focus on global warming.

“I wanted to show how people are emitting greenhouse gases and how this contributes to rising sea levels,” the Xavier College Year 13 student said.

She said she would use the experiences of Ba residents who suffered during the April floods this year as part of her theme.

Apart from spreading her message about the environment, Ms Naliva said her parents were also extremely supportive of her.

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