Stringent measures

TEBARA Transport Ltd owner Arvind Maharaj says it is important to know government’s projections on the number of vehicles on Fiji’s roads to prevent a “major chaotic situation”.

Mr Maharaj said with about 9000 vehicles imported annually, it was important to address the issue.

He said according to transport economics, about 21-22 vehicles run on every kilometre of roads in Fiji. This is based on the 116,000 registered vehicles divided by the average total of 5500 kilometres of road network around the country.

“The main concerning issue is in terms of traffic based on the current trend every year. There would be between one to two extra vehicles per kilometre of road, so come next year there’ll be another one to two vehicles on every kilometre of road. That is increasing at an alarming rate,” Mr Maharaj said.

“So the point is more and more vehicles are coming but less and less roads are being built. The roads will never be able to catch up.”

Mr Maharaj said one practical way to mitigate this was to introduce tier ways where roads were widened to cater for traffic and to introduce carpooling.

“We’re talking with the permanent secretary for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Paul Bayly, on this and the point is we cannot move in a direction where these statistics will worsen.”

Mr Maharaj is also the chairperson of the technical working group on infrastructure under the ministry.

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