Striking workers in Wallis and Futuna set up roadblocks

Photo: AFP

MATA’UTU, 21 SEPTEMBER 2018 (RNZ PACIFIC) — Striking public sector employees in Wallis and Futuna have set up roadbloacks, limiting access to the main administration complex.

The action has prevented staff who are not on strike from reaching their work places, further hampering the running of the territory.

The strike was launched at the beginning of the week by about 30 top administrators who want to have their competencies recognised and be reclassified as French public servants.

The public broadcaster said the strikers are fed up and want a mediator as they reject any further negotiations with the French prefect.

It also reported a march by school children has been cancelled because there are not enough supervisors available.

This strike coincides with a strike of firefighters who stopped work to back claims for better employment conditions and to express their concern about the service’s budget.

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