Strengthening business in Pacific islands

Sales assistant Ili Dau shows Dell laptop to USP student Saadia Nisha at Daltron in MHCC. Picture: AJESH SAGAR

ONE of Fiji’s most exciting information technology companies is offering IT products from personal use to delivering end to end IT solutions to all types of businesses.

Ensuring that customers enjoy life, work, play and live using great brands at affordable prices, Daltron Fiji has what you’re looking for.

Finding the right laptop comes down to what suits your individual needs. You may want a model with super-long battery life, or the one that has the sharpest, brightest display. With so much variation in laptop prices and specifications, you will find branded laptops like HP, Dell, Acer and Leader laptops.

How about a HP printer for your home and office use?

What about a home and office CCTV or Xbox with preloaded games for the school breaks? From mobile phones (Samsung ranges), phones cover, accessories and bluetooth speakers, charging cables, flash drives, memory cards, hard drive, solar accessories and many more!
Daltron Fiji has it all!

An overview on website in Fiji, the company represents global brands -HP, VMware, MYOB, Cisco, Microsoft, Lenovo, Genius, Remax, Kaspersky, Dell, Remax, and many other IT accessories via their retail outlets and ability to procure IT products from around the world.

“In Fiji Daltron opened its operation in 2008 with acquisition of Computech, a leading IT and software company in Fiji to strengthen its business in pacific islands. Computech had a proven track record of 16 years in the private and government sector in the region.”

Daltron Fiji store locations include MHCC, City Homemaker, Superfresh Tamavua, Homemaker Labasa and MH Lautoka.

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