Streetlights position

I have noticed in my many morning walks through Votualevu that the streetlights are all fixed to the electricity posts on the opposite side of the road providing lights to the roadside cassava plantation and the drainage while the footpath walkways are dark and we are talking about the most densely populated area in Nadi with about 2.5km inland of the footpath stretch.

The tourists from the Novotel and Tanoa international hotels, retired elderly, workers, youths, students and children all use this lovely walkways for different purposes through the night leading to the early morning rush and one can easily notice the lights from their cell-phones being turned on in the dark to prevent them from a fall on the walkway edge or accidently bumping into someone from the opposite direction.

I write to kerekere the authorities concerned to please install the streetlights where it rightly belongs for the sake of all those Fijians that utilise the footpaths.

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