Street lights

The newly-installed solar streetlights at Nailaga Village. Picture: SUPPLIED/FILE

Could the relevant authority fix the timing as to when the street lights get turned on in Kermode Rd Lautoka.

At the moment the lights turn on at 8.35pm (d.s.t) daily leaving the streets in darkness from after sunset which is about 7pm.

Because of the darkness, until the street lights get switched on, the street/road becomes unsafe to walk on.

Please if the relevant authority which I believe is Fiji Roads Authority can do something about this promptly.

Also I hope they set the timer for the street lights in Kermode Rd, Lautoka to get switched off in the mornings after the sun has risen or as it is rising and not much earlier when it is still dark.

I am saying this because in the past the lights would get switched off at 4.30am when the sunrise would be at 6.30am.

I will see how long it takes for effective action to be taken on this concernĀ  of mine by the relevant authority.

Jitendra Kumar Raniga

Kermode Rd, Lautoka

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