Street kids and drug pushers – Tikotikoca

STREET kids living along the streets of Suva are drug pushers as well, claims former commissioner of police Romanu Tikotikoca.

Speaking in an interview with The Fiji Times, Mr Tikotikoca said those who made drugs took advantage of these street kids to sell their products for them.

“Street kids are drug pushers as well. Those who make drugs, they use these street kids to sell drugs on the streets,” he claimed.

While this is still a growing concern, Mr Tikotikoca said in order to identify these social problems, they needed to be profiled.

“These social issues need to be identified. These are the people that stay in the city for 24 hours and anything that happens they know very well. And their profile must be done.

“When you go to Suva you will see the street kids — they roam the town.”

He said there were two types of street kids, the permanent ones were those who lived on the streets and the transient street kids — those who left their homes and temporarily lived on the streets before returning home.

“The other social issue you have in the city is the beggars. You have professional beggars who are brought in by their relatives to beg in the city and before the bank closes, they go to the bank and bank the money.”

He added that while the blame was always on the street kids and those who roamed the streets, a collective approach was needed to eradicate the issues that arose from the streets of Suva.

Meanwhile, Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho had earlier stated that police would show no mercy to children found peddling drugs.

“We will have no mercy. We will take them to court. There have been tariffs passed for those who have been trafficking,” he said.

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