Strays damage farms

FARMS trashed and damaged by stray and wild animals have incurred a losses amounting to $20,000 in a district in Bua.

Petero Gasau, a Solevu District businessman and farmer of Nawaido Village, said they were tired of dealing with the issue.

“This problem is getting really serious and most families have lost their farms because of this,” Mr Gasau said.

“Farmers depend on their farms for a good income, but these wild animals and even the stray animals have damaged our farms and we incur losses.”

Mr Gasau said their plea reached various government authorities through district meetings, but nothing changed.

“I am sure the Ministry of Agriculture is aware of this situation, but they still haven’t done anything,” he said.

“I have also experienced this situation and my farm was damaged by these stray animals and now they come right to the village compound.

“Some farmers have had to fence their small farms to save it from these animals. I feel sorry for other villagers who have lost a lot of their crops because that means loss of money.”

Mr Gasau said they needed to be assisted by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Sharing the same sentiments, Solevu District rep and Nawaiso Village headman Ratu Rafaele Ramanakiwai said they needed quick assistance from relevant authorities to help stop the problem.

“This is a serious problem and if nothing is done, half of our farmers will suffer and even their families because they depend on farms to feed their families,” he said.

However, the situation differs in Macuata.

Tui Nadogo Ratu Ilisaniti Malodali said a few villagers raised their concerns about this issue, but the situation was not as bad as Bua. Questions sent to the Ministry of Agriculture last Thursday and reminders sent on Friday and yesterday did not get any response when this edition went to press last night.

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