Stray wild animals worry

THE Ministry of Agriculture advises all livestock farmers to take responsibility of keeping their animals tethered or confined in a paddock or registered.

The advice follows reports from farmers in Bua who have lost about $20,000 annually as a result of farms being trashed and damaged by stray and wild animals.

In an earlier report, Petero Gasau, a Solevu district businessman and farmer of Nawaido Village, said they were tired of dealing with the issue.

Responding to the concerns raised by farmers, the ministry said they were aware of the stray animal issue in the area.

The ministry said it would conduct a regular stray animal campaign in all parts of Viti Levu and occasionally in Vanua Levu.

“The officers in the North are exerting all efforts to address this issue,” the ministry said.

“The ministry has been working closely with relevant stakeholders in trying to address these problems.”

The ministry said since the beginning of this year, it had caught 438 animals.

“Of these animals that were caught, 401 were from the West, 10 in the North and 27 in the Central area.

“In the 2017 budget, the ministry has an allocation of $1,370,000 for the stray animal control campaign and the allocation will be utilised by the ministry to build new pounds and procure portable race.”

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