Strategic reset

New appointed Investment Fiji chief executive officer Craig Strong. Picture: FT FILE

INVESTMENT Fiji will adopt a more prescriptive, targeted and planned approach to growing Fijian companies’ success internationally and attracting investment that benefits all Fijians, says chief executive officer Craig Strong.

The newly appointed CEO for the investment arm of the government says one of his first objectives in the role is leading Investment Fiji through a strategic reset.

While most of the businesses in the country have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Mr Strong said for Investment Fiji, it’s a huge and urgent opportunity for a strategic reset, technically looking at how to secure sustainability for investors whether they be foreign investors or local investors and business community.

“There are several elements to the strategic reform and there are two key stages — (1) COVID-19 recovery strategy and (2) a sustainability strategy — however the two are inherently interlinked.

It is critical that we anchor our activity on the right strategic platform,” said Mr Strong.

He said the opportunity existed for them to be far more prescriptive in how they matched international capital and investors with Fijian companies and opportunities.

“The process of the strategic reset will identify key pillars of our work such as our people, our processes and how we rethink and deliver the customer experience.

“We have a series of programs planned in the coming months to assist in building capacity and preparing our export clients for international trading.”

With his vast experience with the private sector and the government Mr Strong said being able to use his skills and experience to drive Investment Fiji and the work it needed to do to achieve some of the goals articulated in the National Development Plan “is a responsibility that I don’t take lightly but am extremely excited to undertake”.

“We are ready to assist investors on their journey here. We have so much to offer, our proximity to regional Pacific Island markets and the larger markets of the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

“We have great air and shipping connectivity making us perfect as a regional supply chain hub.”

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