Story of honesty

ON Saturday 17/3 I went to Total service station situated at the top of Sukanaivalu Rd (Drasa, Vitogo) to buy kava and my phone top up.

When I reached for my money I couldn’t find it. I thought I had left it at home so I returned.

I retraced my steps looking for it but I couldn’t find it. So I said goodbye to my $20.

Later in the day I got a call from a young man who asked if I had lost some money and he asked how much.

He had heard that someone had dropped some money.

When I told him that it was $20 in two $10 notes, he said he had found it.

He is an employee at the service station.

We made arrangements for me to pick up the money.

You can imagine my relief when I heard the news.

But boy am I glad that we still have honest people living in Fiji.

May God bless you Zaved, with your action I know that life is still worth living.

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