Stick to your budget and eat healthy

The busy lifestyle of a dance artist requires commitment and dedication. Sticking to the right diet and shopping on a budget is essential. Jed is also an entrepreneur and runs a hair and makeup business called Face Junkyy that has been in business for a year now.

Juggling two careers come with its responsibilities but the support of family and friends helps lighten the load.

Originally from Rotuma, Jed is the eldest of six siblings and grew up in Raiwaqa, where he still lives with his family. He pitches in with his parents his portion for the family ration and also shops for himself. He enjoys shopping at New World Supermarket and MH Supermarket because of their quality products and convenience.

“I like shopping at New World and MH Supermarkets because everything I need are all under one roof. If I do not have time to go to the market, I can still purchase fruits and vegetables from these supermarkets and it saves me time.

“I try to stick to a budget so that I know how much I need to spend for my shopping. I spend around $100 — $150 on grocery and market shopping and I try to buy only the things written on the shopping list. The advantage of this is that I don’t over spend and I get everything I need,” he said.

With his busy schedule of travelling, Jed tries to shop weekly or when he is free, and he goes to the market for fresh fruits and vegetables.

For his hair and make-up business, he always advises his clients to drink a lot of water for healthy, clear skin.

“I always tell my clients to hydrate all the time. This will allow the skin to give a natural glow and cleanse. If you don’t like drinking water, then cucumbers, watermelon and pineapples can give you the nourishment your skin needs because they have a lot of fluids in them. I enjoy eating any type of fruit and I’ m always fond of buying pineapple slices, especially during this hot season. My family also like eating seafood, so I prefer eating nama.

“Eating healthy is important because with an unhealthy diet, the opportunity for weight gain is an issue for me because I am an aerialist and I need to always be in shape. I’m also nursing an injured shoulder so I always need to maintain my diet because I cannot afford to cause further damage to it during rehearsals and training,” he said.

Jed also tries to avoid eating meat but he admits that there are days when he has to have chicken or a very little amount of beef.

“I had a very bad experience with fish poisoning when I was a child, so I try to avoid eating meat altogether. But there have been days when ignoring meat have been a difficulty,” he said.

When asked of what changes he would like to see in supermarkets, he hopes to see more locally manufactured products on the shelves.

“I would like to see an increase in locally produced items on the shelves because not only does it promote our Fiji made products, it also strengthens our economy and provides employment opportunities.

Jed’s shopping tips:

* Check your items before purchasing them to avoid buying dented and expired products and to also ensure that you are buying goods that are worth your money.

* Be informed and keep an eye out for specials in various supermarkets.

* Buy only what is written on your shopping list so that you are able to stick to your budget and you avoid overspending.

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