Stick to road rules, police warn drivers

THE Fiji Police Force will come down hard on impatient drivers who inconsiderably try to manoeuvre their way through traffic during peak hours.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro raised concerns over dangerous driving, which she said was worsening daily traffic congestion between the Suva and Nausori corridor.

Ms Naisoro said police were warning drivers to consider road rules at all times and be mindful of the life and safety of passengers in their hands

“It is a concern for us because we come across these reports every day,” Ms Naisoro said.

“The fact is everybody is in the queue and it is just no excuse.

“If they are caught by any of our police officers, they will be charged for inconsiderate driving and even dangerous driving and that is something they need to be mindful of.”

Ms Naisoro said they had received reports where drivers created new lanes while in the rush during peak hours, especially with the bus services.

“And they do it just because their size is big, however, that doesn’t mean they can behave anyhow on our roads,” she said.

“We’ve received some reports of how some drivers negligibly try to overtake some other vehicles and cause more traffic hassle on our roads every day.

“These moves by some inconsiderate drivers are not doing anyone any good but cause a lot more traffic and more hassle to other road users.”

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