Stick to a healthy diet

Praneel Dass at Extra Supermarket, Lautoka. Picture: SUPPLIED

APART from buying healthy food, Praneel Dass said people could maintain a healthy weight by regular exercise, not smoking and sticking to a healthy diet.

“In my case, health is always first,” he said.

“With heart attack , diabetes, asthma and stroke on the rise, it’s very important for people to sustain a healthy diet and eating habit. This kind of habit should be implemented as much as possible.”

While in New Zealand, Mr Dass said he was motivated by people to go to the gym and keep fit.

“I managed to drop some weight and from then on, started to practise living that kind of life. Eating healthy could help you lose weight, have more energy, improve your mood and reduce your risk of disease. My budget fluctuates depending on my shopping list. I shop on a weekly and sometimes monthly basis alone or sometimes with my friends.

I don’t have any favourite dish since I’m a vegetarian but I do love eating fresh and healthy vegetables.”

His grocery list mostly includes fruits, vegetables and other household requirements.

He adds some of the lessons learnt is to choose the right place to shop and always make a shopping list.

“Select a place where you could get everything in one place at affordable prices and that saves much of your time from moving around.

Also keep in mind that having a diet or exercise buddy may be helpful so don’t be downspirited if it takes longer than you expect to adapt to your new healthy way of living.”

Mr Dass said he always had the passion to start his own business.

“When I came back to Fiji last year, I decided to start my real estate business,” he said.

“First I started my career in sales and marketing and later moved to financial and banking line. I’m also a boxing promoter in New Zealand and Fiji and studied in Fiji, New Zealand and the UK.”

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